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Coma - Life in another time
by Arturo Croci
Format: 216 x 138 mm
Binding: Perfect-bound paperback
ISBN: 9781999703073
Page count: 166 pp
Price: £10.00
Publication date: 11 September 2019
Market: General/Trade Subject: BM, DNC Memoirs Original language: Italian

Coma - Life in another time, originally published in Italian and now translated into English, embraces a world beyond time, beyond reality. We can question whether it’s possible to experience two realities: to live in a world where time cannot be fixed or measured and the answer is yes. This book is an intriguing account of what happens to a mind in a drug-induced state. Anything is possible. Imagination is everything. The distinction between reality and unreality is no longer apparent. Places, names, faces, games, journeys can be conjured up and conversations can be exchanged, even manipulated.

Keywords: memoir, coma, hallucinations, parallel lives, reality, unreality, surgery.

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Arturo Croci is a journalist and writer with a diploma in horticulture from Minoprio, Como. He studied philosophy at the University of Barcelona. His publications include I giardini di Lasha, A Mar Parà, Sulle orme di Livingstone (Ace International, Vernasca) and various poems (Pagina Editrice, Roma). Arturo wrote his memoir after suffering an aneurism and being in a medically-induced coma for three weeks.

Review of COMA:
How is it possible to classify this book, to define its genre? Written for the purpose of recording on paper the memories of events, both real and imagined, during the period in which the author was in coma, the book moves easily between autobiography, history, romantic fantasy and poetry. The places where the author grew up are presented either as they really are, or in a dystopian version of reality. Real events are transposed to real places
– but completely out of context in this fantasy world. People come and go – real or imagined? The central thread throughout the book, however, is constant – that of Francesca, for whom the author expresses a love that is total and all-consuming. Real or imagined or maybe both, it is this passion that seems to push the author to want to continue living.
This book is like a minestrone soup – full of different things that should not really go together, yet when you eat it, it is full of flavour and you enjoy both the individual elements and the whole. I should not have enjoyed reading this book – but I did!
Anna Galvani

“… a book in which his life, his thoughts, his dreams, his imagination, his memories are so intensely and strongly linked to constitute a truly high-calibre narrative”
Gianni Filippini

“It is a hallucinatory journey between imagination and memories where the former continually adapted to the latter, which – on the anthropological level – can mean, in the opinion of the writer, the unexhausted energy of life, capable of “restoring” and “adapting” every experience of its own dynamic flow.
Vera Fisogni
(Journalist and philosopher)